design about us
The “Dança da chuva” is the inspiration of our project. With this dance, we want to pay tribute to the water and his essential importance for the life. The “Ciranda” for the rain.
The dance is also a symbol of the community life and of the union between people: Brazil, in this sense, is one of the countries where this inter-culture takes part in its own history. In the graphic drawing you can recognize 3 different ethnic groups: Europeans, Indios and Africans, as Brazil has.
The drawing is composed by 2 different overlapping levels: The first is the outline of an architecture that represents the own land and the place where we feel home. The gray outline evokes the Niemeyer architectures, his sinuous lines and his rhythm. The second layer is the people, different people dancing all together. And finally the washbasin plug is the symbol of the sun.
It is always a pleasure when someone ask us to think about the reality in a non-conventional way. And Laufen, in this case, gave us an amazing opportunity to reflect on Brazil, his multi-cultural society and his resources.